Knitting in the News

National Post, Today, Page A7

Knitting has become more than just grannies, rocking chairs and balls of yarn

A sharp increase in the popularity of knitting has provided a new forum for social activists. Grant Neufeld, one of the founders of the Revolutionary Knitting Circle in Calgary, says, “When most people in our society think of a knitter, they think of an elderly grandmother sitting in her rocking chair knitting for her grandkids. But this isn’t that at all. It’s breaking down all those traditional gender roles and expectations. It’s about how to make things better in society.” The group consists of members of local labour, social justice, peace and environmental groups who gather once a month to knit and talk about changing the world. According to the Craft Yarn Council of America, there has been a 400% increase since 1998 in the number of U.S. women under 35 who know how to knit.

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