What i scored on sale the other day:

Austermann SCARLET $7.20/ball (was $12) – the ultimate no-brainer scarf yarn, also

great for a sumptuous poncho!

Schoeller PICADILLY $2.70/ball (was $4.50) – DK weight, can’t go wrong!

Berroco X-PRESS $5/ball (was $10) – Similar to Lang Max except with more merino.

9.5sts/14 rows, 10mm needle. DISCONTINUTED,

so get it while it lasts!

Stahl LIMBO COLOUR $5.40/ball (was $9) – 100% virgin wool, dk weight, 4mm needles

Stahl BIG PRINT $6.75/ball (was $8) – 100% superwash wool, aran weight, 5mm needles

Stahl COLLEGE $7/ball (was $11) – 9mm needle, tweedy & great for fall sweaters,

ponchos, hats, scarves, mittens ….

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