check out the fall knitty!

****i really, really, really like the wig. i mean i REALLY dig it! it’s art. LOVE IT!

*** the mohair lace is GORGEOUS! i hate knitting lace, but LOVE what i’m seeing!

**the pink ribbed turtle-neck is also a great pattern, an investment piece, never goes out of style, easy to adapt to preferences, and the vertical ribbing is attractive on everyone.

** the silk bag is a good pattern too. it looks like crud in that shredded silk, but imagine what it would look like if it was made in a more stable colourway? or felted? it had definite possibilities!

** the skating skirt is another useful basic pattern, you can make adjustments to suit your style, sub yarns, very 1940’s vintage in concept (just shorter).

* the pink kiddy cardigan is also a very useful foundation pattern. definitely drop those stripes, but you can knit it in any textile you please and you can sub the seed stitch for garter.

Knitomatic Oracle: my prediction, based on statements made in the knitty blog, is that the “October surprise”, will be a white poncho that kensington wore at the TNNA (big honkin’ needlecraft trade show) last June and is presently on display in the store with a kit.

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