Warm, Chic, Easy & Affordable Poncho Kits

Basic Turtle neck PONCHO KITS for the Fall – nothing complicated, just a flattering silhouette in a gorgeous yarn that does all the work for you. Comes in Schoeller Stahl College and Lang Loft: both are high end european blends of wool & other fancy stuff stuff which keeps they yarn fluffy but not dense, and therefore your garment won’t be super heavy and hanging like a shroud. Both yarns are also discounted (yippeee!) so the kits aren’t going to break the bank. Also, there’s enough in there that if you want to add fringe, you can do that, and if you want to skip the neck, you can do that too! The colours end up with subtle striping and tweedy – the perfect amalgam of couture and knitting culture!

Colours available:

S Stahl College is earthier, more sedate colours:

Black/grey (2 left)

Dark Blue/grey (2 left)

Caramel/brown (2 left) Gorgeous!

Cream/Camel (2 left) Yummy!

Red/Brown (1 left)

Dark Brown (1 left) Fabulous!

Pale Blue/grey/brown (2 left)

Lang Loft is discontinued and is fun, flirty, all have multi colours:

White/black base (2 left)

Fuschia/dk grey base (1 left)

Rust/dk. grey base (2 left)

Lilac/dk grey base (2 left)

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