Love your Laundry

how much do i love eucalan?! i’m still in day-off mode and doing laudry & cooking an Egg & Bread Strata for breakfasts to come. The strata is an indulgence from Wholefoods that i’ve been indulging in a little too often (tres chere and i need to soyify it) & decided even I could make it. it is doing it’s eggy thing right now.

as for the eucalan, we were first introduced as a wool wash that you didn’t have to rinse out. then i found out you could use it to block knittted garments – righteous! but the real epiphany wasn’t until i got desperate for clean underwear and did my handwash with it. it’s been almost a decade since i developed a love-hate relationship with the handwash: while i was studying in italy, excavating in greece and travelling through europe, there have been many hours lost to a less than successful hand wash. the wash part i’m ok with, the rinse is torture. or should i say the rinse, and rinse, and rinse, and rinse, and rinse. also, it kills me to wash in soap, even the stuff for delicates, because it destroys the fibers, and i LOVE my clothes. then bAM! epiphany! you don’t have to rinse Eucalan! soak in bathroom sink, add Eucalan, swoosh awound, let it sit a bit, bathroom smells great, hands smell great, squish the water out of the garments and hang to dry. it’s the lazy fashionista’s dream! my blacks stay black, my brights stay bright, my underwear don’t erode into shredded ghosts of their former selves. it’s ALL good. oh, and it isn’t completely beyond the budget. i’m doing refills at the store, or if you become a total addict i can get you a gallon (seriously! they sell the stuff in gallon jugs. apparently they sell it to some swank madison avenue cleaners in NYC who only wash in Eucalan).

i like the anaolgy between the egg & bread strata & the hand wash: the bread is lovely on it’s own, but itt gets saturated in the eggy mixture & steeps, kinda like the laundry. .

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