Gifted: Kid Mohair Scarf FREE PATTERN

adapt the leaf pattern from this great big scarf to something more manageable in a gorgeous kid mohair …

Rowan KID SILK HAZE, 25g/210m, $22 GORGEOUS!

Madil KID SETA, 25g/210m, $15 (30% silk)

Needful MOHAIR ROYAL, 25g/215m, $12.50

Novita KID MOHAIR , 50g/200m, $7 SALE (colours avail: mid grey, camel, tomato red,

fuschia, lilac)

other option
s … peruse a stitch library or a stitch pattern book and adopt a little lace

harmony guide: 450 knitting stitches

harmony guide: 440 more knitting stitches

harmony guide: 250 creative knitting stitches

1000 great knitting motifs
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