The deal with Regia Jubilee "India"

people have been asking for Schachenmayr “Regia Jubilee” sock yarn in colour “india”. the deal with this yarn is that it was olny available as a special purchase from the company (it was sold in something like a 29 kilos package of mixed colours) and is not available through the distributor on a regular per/bag basis. the distributor says that if you want this yarn on a regular basis you should contact the company to let them know that there is a demand for it. so here is the company contact information, drop them a line and let them know what you want:

For hand cord yarns Schachenmayr, Regia and Gedifra in Germany


Coats GmbH, Eduardstr. 44, 73084 Salach

Tel. +49 7162 14-346, fax. +49 7162 14-260

oh, and i found some really cute freebie patterns on their webpage but they are in german so you might want to filter them through Babelfish Translation

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