New stuff Arrives!

Cascade ‘Cotton Rich’: a great sub for Rowan All Seasons Cotton
(sorry Rowan, but you’re just too cha-ching for the rest of us)
Great for the ‘Miss Bea’s’ kid’s sweaters patterns by Louisa Harding
50g/73m, 4.5-5mm, $7

Ecoknit Organic Cotton
: OMG! I didn’t know cotton could feel this good! 50g/100m, 3.5-4mm, $7

Needful ‘Elba’: a GORGEOUS new ribbon yarn from Italy, multicoloured.
synthetic, 50g/140m, 6.5mm, $7.50

Lana Gatto ‘Iside’: a lovely new Italian linen Blend that’s easy to knit with!
50g/160m, $8

Madil Eden Print: a Super Soft new 100% BAMBOO yarn from Italy. yummy!
50g/100m, 4-4.5mm, $8

Butterfly Super 10 Multis: Same great quality in mulicoloured mixes. machine wash & dry!
cotton, 100g/200m, 3.5-4mm, $12

Cascade ‘Fixation’: new colours!
50g/91m (unstretched), $7 to $8

Filtes King ‘Kim’: check out the new colours!
cotton blend, 50g/98m, 4.5-5mm, $5

Filtes King ‘Kelly’: check out the new colours (listed under Lana Gatto)!
cotton blend,
50g/98m, 4.5-5mm, $6

Needful Capri: pretty new colours, great for wraps, summer capelets & ponchos! cotton/synthetic blend, 50g/100m, 8mm, $12

Fiddle Sticks Country Silk: Hand Dyed by FLEECE ARTIST, yummy wool/silk blend
250g/800m, 3.25-3.75mm, $60

Recycled Silk: Its utterly Irresistable! 100% recycled silk yarn is hand spun in Nepal as part of a community outreach program
200g/182m, $30

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