Party Continues

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barbie cake, originally uploaded by knitomatic.

and the party continues! but I said there would be more … 😉

Filatura Di Crosa Mille Fille Fine $4/ball (sport/DK, cotton)
great for summer crochet!!

Twilleys Freedom Cotton $3.50/ball (DK, cotton)
great substitute for Rowan Handknit DK

Nova Amazon $1.75/ball (DK cotton)
great for kids, crochet

Nova Amazon Colori $2/ball (DK, cotton)
great for kids, crochet

Debbie Bliss Aran Tweed $5/ball (aran, 100% english tweed)

Colinette Circe $13.50/skein (bulky, fancy hand dyed yarn)

Colinette Zanziba $13.50/skein (bulky, fancy hand dyed yarn)

Gedifra Cortina $5/ball (chunky, alpaca)

Filatura Di Crosa Zara $4.25/ball (DK, 100% merino wool)

Filatura Di Crosa Zara Plus $4.50/ball (aran, 100% merino wool)

Needful yarns/Filtes King Modigliani $5.50/ball (chunky, 100% merino)
pink, lavender, blue & mixed (#17)

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