new & noteable

just a quickie ’cause i gota get stuff up on the shelves!

Scads of Cascade 220 & Cascade Pastaza have arrived! Both should suit all your fibre needs: knitting enjoyability, softness, feltability, creative flexibility, value and affordability.

Needful Yarns has some great value for your dollar this year in yummy yarns!

  • Filtes ‘Cashmere’ is in for the special people in your life (like you!). It’s a great value, worsted weight, 150m for $22 – it’s a whack of lurvly luxe yarn.
  • Lana Gatto ‘Venus‘ is also a super meal deal: it’s a soft mohair and you get a whopping 225m for $11 (that’s one ball for a scarf!)

Crystal Palace Merino Stripes is super yummy like their Merino Frappe, and of course, ’cause it’s CP they alreay have a free scarf pattern on their site so you can see how it works up, and then work it up! here’s a neat little merino frappe scarf pattern from CP and here is a cozy sweater pat too!

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