New Opal Sock yarn

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I dig lizards, ’cause reptiles, just like birds are little tiny dinosaurs.

here is an update from Opal Sock yarns regarding their rainforest yarns:

“To all of you who have supported our project, thank you for your donations. Yesterday I transferred all the donations to the organization “Save The Rainforest” in Hamburg, Germany. A total sum of $15,003.97 Euros was collected in a rather short time frame.

We plan to resume our action “Save The Rainforest” in the New Year 2006. We are planning to unveil a new Rain Forest Collection with 8 different animals in the coming year. From all of the donations collected we can all be proud to realize that 22,500 m2 of Rainforest will be saved.

Again, thank you for your donations.


Wolfgang Zwerger
TUTTO GmbH (Opal Sock & Sweater Yarns)”

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