Denim In Stock

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zoom-twilleys-freedomdenim, originally uploaded by knitomatic.

This one was a bit of a selfish order … I really want to make the little denim pants called BLU from knitty for a certain juicy miss Lucy, so i ordered some denim cotton.

The pattern calls for Rowan-McMoney, but the Twilley’s of Stamford is the same product from the same mill but retails for less because they don’t do sooooo much advertising or marketing (although they have 2 very pretty pattern books). anyway, Juicy miss Lucy won’t know the difference and she’s growin’ like a weed!

denim yarn shrinks in the wash but then also gets soft and durable, so read the instructions on the ball-band carefully and if in doubt knit a bit larger (or knit a test swatch and wash it).

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