Knitting Olympics:

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HairpinSkirt, originally uploaded by knitomatic.

I’ve joined the team and I’m making the new Stitch Diva Hairpin Lace Skirt for the Knitting Olympics!

more information about the KNITTING OLYMPICS

more info about TEAM CANADA

Why this is an Olympic Project for me:
– i have a REALLY hard time sticking to one project at a time.
– i have several other projects on the go that i want to work on. how will i restrain myself?
– i have a hard time finishing projects in a timely manner
– i’m learning the Hairpinlace technique for this project, a brand new skill
– this project is not a small one, it involves a lot of hairpin lacing.
– i don’t know where i’m going to find the time to this this by the end of the games, but i’m going to do it come hell or high water to prove to anyone who doubts that we all face challenges in life!

Feb 10, 2006 2:18 pm
so far i’ve swatched and it’s really fun. I’m using Needful Elba in colour 2157 (ochre & rose) and the yarn looks great! it’s the perfect appllication for this yarn which is usually really hard to work with. i think i just need a couple of corks to stick on the bottom of the tool’s spokes so they don’t destroy my jeans and maybe some funky coloured pantyhose to hold the slickery yarn. I’ve consulted with coach Stitch Diva and she’s psyched! I’m going to document it all online and i’ll keep it in a file in my Flickr account. see yall later at the Duke!

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