just a quick update while i’ve got a few minutes, i’ll post the pretty pictures later.

1. In Stock New KOIGU. made the trek through the snow and it’s here. Replenished KPPM, KPM & Kersti

2. In Stock Recycled Silk (sari silk)

3. Horseshoe Resorts is hosting a knitting getaway with Fiona Ellis in April, check out the info: Pins & Needles (it is posted in the knitomatic yahoo group, so if you are not already a member you can join toronto’s online knitting community for free)

3. New stock is on sale all the time and moving fast!

  • OnLine sock Yarn: in purple/blue mix or blue/green mix, $4/50g
  • Naturally Luxury: DK, 50% mohair & 50% Merino
  • Luxury Natal: Aplaca & Silk, 30% off, $7/50g

4. Power to the People Market Research @ upcoming Stitch n Bitch wednesdays have your say! try knitting or crocheting samples of new yarns at our stitch n bitch.

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