Hemp for Knitting ‘Shop Till You Drop Bag’ Kit

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Shop Till You Drop bag, originally uploaded by knitomatic.

Hemp for Knitting ‘Shop Till You Drop Bag’ Kit $39.50

This kit is a great way to try out Hemp for Knitting without investing a whole lot. Kit contains a pattern and 3 skeins of Hemp for Knitting Allhemp6 (enough to make either a little shopper or the larger Shop till you drop). The kit makes a great gift for a knitter or give it someone else all knit up. It travels well and is a great little project to take on a weekend trip or to the cottage. The ‘Little Shopper’ makes a great casual summer purse and the ‘Shop Till You Drop’ is also great for the beach or the Pool. Allhemp is machine washable.

“An easy ‘knit in the round’ hemp bag using the popular purse stitch pattern. This pattern has Lots of stretch in all directions so you can fill it to the max. Choose from 2 sizes, either a mini shopper or the larger shop till you drop size.” ~ Lanaknits Designs, Hemp for Knitting

Skill Level: Advanced Beginner with expereince knitting in the round.

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