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yeah, i know it’s hot out there. I have air conditioning in here, wa-ha-ha (that’s my evil laugh)! you are welcome to join me in here to enjoy the artificailly cold air too. i hear we’re going to be getting lots of rain & overcast days all June because there’s going to be lots of Hurricane activity along the Atlantic coast. wa-ha-ha!

Basic Ribbed Socks
you can’t beat the basics, especially when it comes to socks.

Cleo Felted Clutch
fashion literally at your fingertips. don’t believe me? check it out!

Licorice Bullet Lace Skirt
yeah, i know. the name is gross. just ignore the nomenclature ’cause it’s a gorgeous lace skirt!

Mitten Wardrobe
i know, they’re mittens, and it’s June. but i’ll tell ya’ something – last year one of my customers started her x-mas knitting in june. we all thought she was crazy. but she got to enjoy making her gifts and still got to make her own things in-between. By November she was finished and we were all whining about having to make crash holiday gifts. Not only that, her friends & family really LOVED their gifts because there was such a long lead-up to them and she got to get their input on what they really wanted and liked. Thankfully she isn’t a smug person.

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