mission falls 1

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mission falls 1, originally uploaded by knitomatic.

The Mission Falls 1824 superwash merino wool has arrived and I am a VERY happy camper! MF has a new mill, a local Canadian enterprise and i’m thr2illed ’cause they got it soooooo right!

It’s really soft and squishy, a lot like the Filatura Di Crosa Primo or Needful Cucciolo, but much more affordable at only $6 a ball. Mission Falls has a hoarde of great, affordable pattern books, but I love, love, love that they yarn also substitutes for a zillion different patterns (think debbie bliss cashmerino aran, but 4 bucks cheaper!) that call for a worsted or aran weight.

I don’t think all the colours have arrived, I don’t seen any of the browns, but there’s a good chunk represented, and the rest will be along soon. I just unpacked it but I think i’m going to have to re-order. I haven’t received the new Mission Falls book yet either … but they’re coming!

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