modern classics

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harding 2, originally uploaded by knitomatic.

I really like Louisa Harding’s new book “Modern Classics”. It’s one of my favourite kinds of books, it’s focus is exclusively basic, timeless sweater patterns. Louisa knows classic style, she came up through Rowan. These are my favourite because these are the ones I’m always looking for, I always come back to and I always wear. With a foundational pattern you can plug in a wild, colourful yarn and all the work’s done for you. You want to modify the pattern, make it shorter or longer or different sleeves or even plopping in a lace or cable motif … so much the better. These are the patterns I need to have around so I can buy yarns without a designated project or for when i see something in a store and need the base pattern to tweak. A book like this is worth a whole archive of back issues of knitting magazines … well, very close. Soft cover.

“Modern Classics” by Louisa Harding ~ $44.99

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