Romantic Style

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romantic 3, originally uploaded by knitomatic.

Apparenlt scanners are as tempermental as cameras, but this shrug is one of my favourite patterns from “Romanitc Style” by Jennie Atkinson. The more I look at this book, the more it inspires me. It’s pretty, ye-oldee vintage, Lacy McLace. Atkinson is a Rowan designer and the style is concrete, all the pieces are as pretty as a beleaguered princess asleep in a tall tower, no misses. i also really like the home projects (i know i’m in the minorty on this, but i really like making home accessories), think Martha Stewart does doilies. (more riffs on the subject will be posted at frayed at the edges). Softcover.

“Romantic Style” By jennie Atkinson ~ $41.99

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