Summer Knitting Ideas: Part 2

A Diet of Small Acessories & House Projects
● lacy silk scarf for the first days of fall
I know it sounds prosaic, but it’s a great opportunity to enjoy a skein of luxurious silk guilt free. Just one skein of a gorgeous silk like Fleece Artist Italian Silk or Handmaiden Silken or Silk Rumple will do the trick. All you have to do is find a lace pattern you like (flip through your books & magazines or roam the web for something you like – goodge dishcloth patterns and you’ll uncover scads!) cast on a few stitches and you’re off to the races! Keep in mind that laces stretches like crazy, so you can make your scarf shorter & wider than normal.

● Cotton Shopping Bags
Make some grocery bags to help save the environment. I recomend using Super10 Cotton – it’s affordable, sturdy, machine washable and comes in every colour you could ever want. Shopping bags also make GREAT gifts, we’ve found that people LOVE them and use them constantly.

Linen Lace Market Bag
Himalaya Tote
Shopping bags
Market Bags
Recycled Bag (i’d do it in yarn, plastic bags are a pain to work with)
Hemp Bag (pattern available in store)

Hemp Market Bag
Cotton Shopping Bags
Ribbon Shopping Bags

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