New Books

New Books at Knit-O-Matic

Boho Baby Knits ~ $35 I’m not really sure what ‘Boho’ means or how it applies to baby knits, but this book is cool, free spirited and fun. Kat Coyle gets kids, gets adults and gets knitters. The patterns are fun, not too elaborate or too hard, brightly coloured without being gaudy. I have a few favorites, especially lounging pants, hats shaped like aliens and lions, a menagerie of a mobile, big dolls to populate tea parties and a very cool, very simple striped boatneck sweater (i see myself making these by the boatload! Hee-Hee!). Boho Baby Knits is probably not for the Martha Stewart crowd, but if you are looking for a funky, useable baby book, this is it!

Knitting New Scarves ~ $25.95 If you like funky, fun, contemporary accessories you love this book! There’s never a dull moment in this book, despite the fact that it features 27 scarf patterns. Lynne Barr’s patterns are reminiscent of the work of Teva Durham and Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton: very sculptural and simple in their aesthetic – very wearable, very giftable. The technique may be new but she takes you through them with clear illustrations and easy to understand instructions. If you are tired of the same old-same old and want something different, something that will wow people, this book is a must!

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