I’m Coveting ….

This is a new segment to the blog where I tell you about the stuff in the store that I’m presently smitten with. Yes, I have yarn crushes too! So here is an insight into the mind of a person who works all day with a back-drop of yarn. I don’t have time to work with them now, I’m not going to take them off the shelf to hoard them, so I’ll just covet them. ~ Haley

I’ve been coveting …..

Misti Alpaca Worsted, Hand Painted, 100% Baby Alpaca in colour EZ12 ($22 each)

I’m visualizing them as a very cozy, very soft, pair of socks (2 skeins for knee socks). I know they look like a strange rusty colour but i love the depth and variety and depth of of colour in this particular colourway: rust, cinnamon, mustard yellow, olive green and soft magenta and they all blend together because they are close in value. Misti really puts care into their coloured yarns, they aren’t just hand dyed, they’re hand painted. I’d probably use a 3.5mm for ribbed socks, 4mm for regular.

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