Spring Clearance Yarns!
Since we’re spring cleaning we figured why not discount the leftovers from last Summer to
45% to 60% off the retail price! Colours and Quanitites are assorted, but if you come with an open mind you can leave with a deal on your first project of the new season!

Hemp for Knitting Allhemp 3 SOLD OUT
april 13/08

Hemp for Knitting Allhemp 6 SOLD OUT april 13/08

Madil Eden Bamboo $3.50 (reg. $7)
assorted colours & quantities

Twilley’s Freedom Denim Cotton $3.50 (reg. $7)
assorted blues

Cascade Fixation $3.50 (reg. $7 to $8)
assorted colours & quantities

Jo Sharp Desert Garden Aran Cotton $3.75 (reg. $9)
sky blue

Needful Ceramic $5 (reg. $14.90)
lilac, silver & powder blue

Dale Svale $3.50 (reg. $7)
assorted colours & quantities

Twilley’s of England Lyscordet Crochet Cotton No.5 $2 (reg. $4)
assorted colours & quantities

and more ….

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