A Slew of New Studioloo!

We just got a SLEW of new Handspun Art Yarns from Studioloo!  The following are a selection of some of my favourites …. (by the way, the colours aren’t entirely accurate, the light was a little strong during photography).

Camel of the Desert & Brunettes Have Fun Too

Bacon ‘n Eggs (we have 3 skeins!), Candy Twist, & Many Hands (yup, those are little barbie hands all over the skein)

Jackie O, Honey Blooms, & Candy Harvest (it’s sparkly!)

Spices and Treasure, Sunsweets (sparkly), & Sunlit Studio (those are plastic grapes and felted & embroidered balls)

Tea Party Charm, Pod Garden, Happy Fruits (skein has smiley fruits, some have googly eyes), David Attenborough’s Hideout (wins prize for best yarn name EVER, plus it is extra gorgeous)

Villains (covered in bits of GI Joes & etc), Little People Land (Fisher Price people), & Bloo (apparently Grover was shorn like a sheep and Cindy spun his fur)

Triumphant Bouquet, Mystic Rock Garden, & Berry Basket

Wonka-Vision & Crayon Box

We also have a pile of Hand Dyed Artisan Sock Yarns from Studioloo

As always, you can find us at Knitomatic.com!

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