Belleville Adult ruffle socks? Yes, please! Designed with Berroco Vintage Sock, this pretty pair of sockies will become your new favourites. Berroco Vintage Sock is a soft, comfortable, resilient, machine-washable, fingering weight yarn that features a wide colour range and incredibly soft feel. Size Materials Other Yarn Options Lambertville Lambertville is a pair of dainty […]

PROJECT Brushed Alpaca Nuvem

Nuvem I just finished a third Nuvem and it was a total win! It’s light and airy as a cloud and cozy as hell. It’ll be an awesome spring/fall wrap, I just want to cocoon in it. I used Drops Brushed Alpaca and Silk and 4.5mm/US7 needles, so it also didn’t take a super long […]

PROJECT Nuvem a la Alpaca & Silk

    Nuvem We just received a shipment of a Drops Brushed Alpaca and Silk and I was thinking “Wouldn’t it be divine to make a big, light, cozy wrap with it?!” Well, great minds think alike, because at least 50 other people already came up with the same brilliant idea and used if for one […]


Nuvem I’m sorry it’s taken so long to blog this FO! My Nuvem was done a while ago, but as you can imagine, winter is a hairy time of year in a knitting store, and non-winter projects tend to get shoved down the priority list. Anyway, I loved it. I loved making it, and I love the […]

KNIT HACK Nuvem Needles

Nuvem We’ve made a Nuvem for the store before (see our last Nuvem), and I thought it would be a good travel project for my holiday in California. After I wound up the skein I looked down and thought: “Oh crud, what have I done?! That is a dump-truck sized ball of skinny yarn, how […]

Yarnsperiments & A Hack

On our Last Date I promised to update you on my yarnsperiments, and I have lots to share! I originally played around with holding 2 strands of Drops Brushed Alpaca and Silk together, and since then I moved on to see how it acted when I held it with a heavier yarn. The concept is […]


    Nuvem We just finished our store sample Nuvem this weekend and I couldn’t he happier with it! It’s got to be the loveliest, most wearable wrap I’ve ever come across (actually, I have one just like it that I bought in Paris a million years ago, a real wardrobe staple, but I think that […]

NEW Malabrigo Mechita

Malabrigo Mechita This one is a winner, right out of the gate. It’s got sex appeal, customers were ooooing and awwwwing all over it as I was unpacking and merchandising the yarn, taking it off the shelf as fast as I put it on. We’re working on a Nuvem wrap. Mechita is a super soft & […]