New Studioloo

Cindy & Mat stopped by last night to drop off some new ‘loo-spun’ (my agregate of studioloo & manspun). All of it is beautiful, funky and interesting (my personal criteria), but some are really, really funny and I feel I have to share before they sell.

Barbie’s Ice Cream Social
My favorite side benefit to this skein is the multitude of styling possibilities.

The Secret Life of Gnomes
Comes covered in vintage Gnome ornaments!

Golden Grumbles
This skein of yarn doesn’t just have a long, personal story, it tells a story! It was born form a ravelry challenge. Yes, you are correct, the little yellow/orange things with black eyes are hamsters! Hee-Hee-Hee! 🙂

Once upon a time there was a little boy who went walking through
a golden acorn forest in search of some animal friends. As he
approached a large pink tree with black flowers he noticed something
hiding behind it. He crept ever closer to the tree and started to hear
the squeaks of a small animal.

Intrigued, he slowly started to creep around the majestic tree
following the little pitter-pat of footsteps. Then he stopped and
whispered ‘hello?’ and heard the fast and heavy breathing of something
very scared. He looked around at the golden water trickling over the
pebblestones in the river and said ‘who are you?’.

Suddenly, the darkness of one thousand lonely hearts fell upon
the forest and the boy heard a really muffled grumbling. The creature
replied ‘Grumbles’. The boy, suddenly realizing that perhaps he didn’t
consider all the consequences of haphazardly wandering into the woods
in search of friends, understood he was at the mercy of whatever was
hiding behind the tree.

He did the only thing he could think of at the time. Throwing
caution to the wind and ignoring all of those ‘Don’t Feed the Wild
Animals’ signs he noticed at the gate, he offered the creature some of
the candy he had brought along in his sack. The creature grumbled
‘Candy? mmmgrbrrrmmm’ and had visions of the swirling colours of hard
candy, and long strings of pulled taffy.

Wide-eyed, frisky, and very very fluffy, he crept around the
tree to the boy. With puckering cheeks, and briskly whiskers, the boy
realized he was being stared down by none other than, a wild golden
For the next few hours, the boy and the hamster ate
lollipops, licorice, taffy, caramels, candy corns, jawbreakers,
bubblegum, and those swirling, coloured hard candies the boy had found
at the bottom of his Grandma’s purse with the humbugs. As they gobbled
them down, the hamster recounted his tale to the boy.

It was a sad tale of how from almost birth, the golden hamster
could not find friends because of his name, ‘Grumbles’. His brothers
and sisters, and even his mother chose never to listen to him when he
talked, believing that all he would do was grumble on and complain
about things. He explained that it was not his fault that he was named
Grumbles even before he could squeak.

Eventually, Grumbles got really tired of having no one to talk
to and being treated as a second-class, bronze hamster that he
developed a habit of grumbling about his troubles. It was his way of
venting his frustration but also made him feel like someone was talking
to him. The sound of his own voice was suddenly of great comfort to him.

Grumbles recounted of his failed school friendships and how
eventually he packed his red sack and decided to retreat to the woods
and live on the land as an outlaw. He found the patch of land near the
majestic pink tree and settled there, grew a garden of asparagus,
brocolli, wheat, corn and beets. He made a pact with the local birds
that involved him supplying them with winter seed in exchange for them
not eating him.

Grumbles and the boy found that they had lived very similar
lives filled with failed friendships. Hours passed since they started
talking and eating candy and now the only grumbles they could hear were
the complaints of two very bad stomach aches.

Grumbles invited the boy into his modest straw and mud cave and
they decided after a long nap that they would remain friends and the
boy would live with the golden hamster and help him both cultivate the
land and free him from the enslavement of the birds.

For years the two friends lived together, sewing seeds and
growing wheat and even a field of candy floss. With never another
lonely day, there was never another grumble, and they lived happily
ever after.

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