New Della Q Bags

Eden Cotton Project Bags $10.25
Projects A’Hoy! Save your fabulous projects from the zip lock bag by storing
them in Eden!  Eden is 100% cotton to help prevent snagging.

Eden ties effortlessly to your belt loop for knitting on the go.

11″ w x 12″ h.  100% Cotton

Priscilla Silk Project Bag $27
Look!  She stands up!

Ditch the paper shopping sacks and tote around your knitting in this stylish
silk rendition! The perfect size for a small project, and you can even pack
along lunch!

8″ w x 4.5″ w x 10.5″ h. Taffeta Silk

Mazie Knitting Tote $22.50

This lightweight knitting tote combines casual cotton with della Q’s stylish
silk stripes!

15.5 w x 14″ h.  Taffeta Silk and Cotton

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