New Book: Tea Cozies 2 (electric boogaloo)

Tea Cozies 2  $19.50
The first tea Cozies was snapped up quickly, so I know this one will interest you too! My faves include:

  • Simple cozy in a msitake rib in Noro Silk Garden
  • School Tweed cozy
  • Washday cozy (on book cover)
  • Fondant bon-bon candy cozy
  • Cat & Mouse cozy

Publisher’s Description

The first Tea Cozies book (a charming introduction to knitted, crocheted, or sewn covers that keep a teapot warm) was so popular that we needed to create another! This new collection features a fantastic range of motifs, including a cheerful Sunflower Garden with tiny bees, classic blue-and-white Cornish Ware pattern, and adorable Little Black Dress for the well-dressed teapot to wear. A techniques section explains the basic skills, and the original designs—all created by readers of Knitting magazine—are as easy to make as they are colorful and imaginative.

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