G20 Yarn Swap?

We’ve been advised that our next Yarn Swap is scheduled for the weekend of the G20 summit.  We are located north of Davenport, on Bathurst, so not in the ‘security zone’.  They say that the Yonge-University subway line will not be stopping at the south-most stations, so I suspect that that line will be a bit slower. You can take the Bloor-Danforth line to Bathurst station and the bus north to Nina street. There will be some road closures during the G20, but not near our neighborhood, and if you stay north of Bloor St you should be fine.

But what do you think? Would you like us to re-schedule the June swap? We are flexible, so let us know!

I just sent off a HUGE bag to the seniors at the Silver Circle, thanks for the donations! This month I’d like to give the leftovers to the Canadian Centre for Victims of  Torture, they are a United Way funded charitable organization and are starting a knitting group – they are learning how to make socks!

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