New Book! Brave New Knits

Brave new Knits is a compilation of patterns from different designers who are all knit bloggers.  The contents are mixed, part familiar names and part new fare. Among the freshmen are notable works by Melissa Wehrle (aka. Neoknits), Teresa Gregorio (aka. Canary Sanctuary), and Ruth P. (aka. Wooly Wormhead). Familiar faces include Jared Flood (aka. Brooklyn Tweed), Norah Gaughan, Wendy Bernard (aka. Knit and Tonic), Ysolda Teague, Kristi Porter, Joam McGowan-Michael, Kat Coyle, Shannon Okey, Kathy Veeza (aka. Grumperina), Jordana Paige, and Stefanie Japel. 
And very cleverly, they’ve set up a Facebook Page for the book! And of course, since it’s a blogger’s book, the author, Julie Turjoman, has been blogging it too! She has also graciously uploaded all of the projects in the book to Ravelry, so you can get a good gander. 

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