New Book – Knitting at Home (Ella Rae Designs)

Knititng at Home: 60 Classics from Ella Rae Designs, by Leanne Prouse ~ $31.95

This book is a great surprise!  It’s main theme is  projects for the home or farting around the house, and of course it is beautifully art directed, so you’ll want to slide right into the relaxed lives of the people in the pictures (Why does time move so slowly in their world and so fast in mine?). The styling extends to the projects, they are all classics that can fit into any home. The familiar cast of characters is here, there are different blankets, pillows, hot water bottle covers, and tea cozies. Some of the patterns explore colour, some play with texture, some are simple and some more involved. There are several somethings for everyone. Some cozy, homey garments are also thrown in, including a couple simple sweaters, socks, a scarf, a bag, and some simple gauntlets.  There are some felted patterns, including a bird mobile/hangy thing, a purse, an ottoman, a hat, and slippers (on cover).  Now here’s where it gets interesting – they’ve very conveniently included some baby & kid stuff! For kids there are felted boots (adorable), a felted bag, an aran pullover,an aran jacket, and dolls with their own sweaters. For babies there are some cute felted slippers, a felted doll with clothes (I guess so it can be washed frequently?), one crocheted blanket and four really nice baby blankets. 

The book is also organized in an interesting way – by room. Each room get’s it’s own design principle and palette. All of the palettes in the book match and are unified by neutrals, but each room has its own distinct mood, theme, and colour that represents it. I suspect that this book would be good inspiration for decorating you home, in addition to the patterns. 

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