New Book – Sock Yarn One Skein Wonders

I’ve been anticipating this book’s arrival for awhile and I’m so glad it is here!  I love the Once-Skein Wonders series (we have the whole series at the store), and using up sock yarn is such a no-brainer. You may know where I’m coming from, sock yarns can be so stunning and slip into a stash so easily – they’re sly little skeins, they are!  This book is completely focused on projects made with sock yarns, all of which use only one skein (yardage depends on the particular brand and yarn).  Projects include scarves, shawls, bags, kids & baby clothes, fingerless gloves & mitts, mitts, gloves, doll clothes, tea cozies, a dog coat, a netbook cover, and homey stuff. 

My favourites …

Little Hanten (343m required)

Twist & Slouch Hat (320m required)

Moso Netbook Sock (211m required)

As always, you can find us at

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