NEW! Berroco Remix

 size 1, using 1 ball of Berroco Remix (3954 Sprig)

 $11 ~ 100g/200m

We love brand new Berroco Remix!  Before we ordered we knit up a little sun-dress to see what it was like, and the result was utter happiness!  Remix is a soft, washable, multi-fibre yarn that also happens to be green – it’s recycled from commercial fabric ends. The tweedy aesthetic gives it a depth of colour and textural dimension not normally found in cottons. That said, it’s really an all-season yarn, there is no wool in this yarn, so it’s good for those with allergies, and it is totally machine washable, so it is great for babies and kids too. And it knits up to a worsted weight making it great for endless numbers of projects! To learn more interesting things about Remix, click HERE. Finally, when you present your Toronto Live Green card, you get 10% off Remix!

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