NEW Scent from Soak!

Soak Wash just came out with a new scent, Lacey!  It’s still the same, great delicate wash, with a new, sweet scent.  It smells like a kind of candy I used to eat when I was a little kid, but I can’t quite put my finger on which …. definitely not pixie sticks or nerds. 😉

If you’ve never used Soak, it’s a great cleaner for both your hand knits and delicates. I also use it on regular clothes, like blouses, dresses, and especially T-Shirts – I hate the way they fade in the regular wash.  You’ll be really impressed with your clothes’ longevity, which is especially nice with expensive things like bras!

One of the most brilliant things about Soak is that You don’t need to rinse it out. You just soak your clothes in Soak, squish the bubbles through, squeeze the water out (or roll in a towel), and lay flat to dry.

By the way, once you start using Soak for your clothes, you’ll probably want to pick up one of their special wash basins. I use mine every other day and bless the day Soak found them!  I know they seem expensive for a basin, but I’m a cheapie and I LOVE mine and swear it was worth every penny!  

They are just the right size for doing your hand-wash, which preserves my back and reduces the amount of water and Soak I use. They’re made from very high quality materials which are very flexible (as in bendy), light, stand up to a lot of use and abuse, and don’t fade. They also keep my laundry from taking over the washroom. An essential for anyone who lives in an apartment or condo, but I think it’s still really handy for people who have a laundry room with a wash sink (bending over the sink always wrecks my back and neck). I have one of the larger buckets (Carrie) because I frequently wash several pieces at a time. If you’re using it just for lingerie the smaller version (Phil) might suit you.

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