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Methods and techniques of hand knitting. The Bible is back in print! This may be the most thorough reference book on knitting published (712 pages).  It has been completely revised and updated (apparently the publisher lost the original documents and June had to hand type the whole thing out from scratch). Read a review HERE. The illustrations are in two colours, but the pictures are in black and white – I imagine that with a tome this size the cost of colour photos would jack the retail price way up. My only criticism is that physically the book resembles a first year anthropology textbook, but it’s ok is it’s low on sizzle because it’s most definitely100% steak.

23 contemporary designs using classic cable patterns, by Martin Storey (Rowan yarns). These projects are so beautiful, it’s a real shame the publisher hasn’t bothered top upload the pictures to Ravelry. Martin Storey has been designing for Rowan Yarn for decades, and his style is generally classic, elegant and wearable. Projects include hats, gloves, socks, vests, shrugs, scarves, a bag, and of course several sweaters. The patterns are generally for women, but there are a few for men included too.  Beautiful.

22 vintage designs from Jennie Atkinson (Romantic Style, Rowan Magazine. Sooo pretty!  If you like lace, you are going to be very pleased. Projects are varied, and range from small to larger projects: gloves, stockings, sachets, shrug, camisole, bag, coin purse, scarf, dress, shirts, and sweaters.

30 project for science fiction, comic books, fantasy. You don’t have to be a nerd to enjoy these patterns. I LOVE the princess Leia getup (note, with THREE hair style options)! Some of my favourites include Hobbit Feet, Horrible Gloves (who doesn’t love Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog?! Check it out on Netflix or iTunes), Star Trek Mini-Dress (it’s actually a great, simple dress or tunic), Robot (I think it was supposed to be a Cyberman from Dr. Who, but it’s much cuter), and Raj’s Sweater Vest from The Big Bang Theory.

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