New Magazines: Knit.Wear Spring 2012 & Knitscene Fall 2012

The second issue of Interweave’s special publication Knit.Wear just flew in and it’s offering are gorgeous!  It’s regrettable that the publisher didn’t get it out on time (in the Spring), but there are lots of summer knits in it, the projects intended for Spring will be even nicer for Fall, and overall the designs are just damn inspiring! 

  • Check out the projects HERE
  • Find this issue on Ravelry

Summer only just got into gear, but if you’re already done with it then you are very lucky because Interweave just sent us the new Fall issue of Knitscene. Included are lots of great knits, plus an article on how to sew a zipper into a sweater (fear the zipper no more). 

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