SALE Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light & Project Ideas

Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light is one of my absolute favourite yarns to knit with and wear. It’s soft, warm, and light. It’s also stretchy and knits keep their shape, which is unusual for an alpaca or alpaca blend (they usually stretch out of shape and grow to your knees). It has a light hailo, making it a forgiving knit, and the heathered colours have an extra beautiful depth of colour. It’s very good for colourwork, and is especially for stranded work. It’s also especially popular for fingerless mitts and sweaters (I’ve been wearing mine since December). 

During our Big Fat Winter Sale Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light is on Sale! Make something light and new for spring that can be worn into fall and winter too. 

A very simple and easy (mindless?) knit! Elegant and incredibly wearable indoors and out for almost all seasons!

A little bit of ruffle adds just the right amount of femininity to see you into spring.

A little shoulderette goes a long way on chilly spring days (or in an air conditioned office). You can modify it by omitting the cowl neck or making it longer.