New Project & Kit: Shibui Mix Shawl

Our lovely and prolific Rosie just finished this store sample, the Shibui Mix no. 3 Shawl, made with sumptuous Shibui Staccatto and Silk Cloud! 

I was planning it as a kit for the upcoming Toronto Knitter’s Frolic (please don’t forget to take our survey), but it was so lovely I dropped everything and immediately whipped up the kits and put them out. I don’t know if the kits will last the month until to the Frolic, but I’m sure I’ll come up with something else, equally wonderful and clever.

You’ll also need:

At Shibui, sometimes two strands are better than one. They are very into combining yarns to create incredible aesthetic effects. This shawl alternates stripes of a single strand of Shibui Silk Cloud (silk & softest kid mohair) and two strands of luxe Shibui Staccatto (squishy silk + merino with a slight sheen) held with Shibui Silk Cloud. The overall effect is soft and airy, yet also geometric – very modern, elegant, and never boring.