Gorgeous handbags for an excellent cause

Silk garden + vintage handles = coolio. My good friend and colleague ‘Chelle must raise 12 thousand buckaroos to pay for the training of a service dog for her gorgeous and charming and unfortunately Autistic third daughter Gillian. ‘Chelle’s already raised enough for half a pooch, but only a whole animal will do. And this is where silk garden and handbags come in – let ‘Chelle make the bag for you and help her raise bucks to buy Gilly-willy a puppy to keep her safe, pouches for pooches to buy a Guardian for Gillian. And if there proves to be a demand for the vintage handled variety, well, i may just dip into my private collection and donate a few pairs. These bags are a DEAL, so don’t wait for christmas to bear down, get them now while ‘Chelle has time to make them. wanna see other styles? Posted by Hello

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