TTC Knitalong

Re. TTC Knitalong this Saturday, Oct 1st

If you are registered on the WEST team: Meet at Vienna Home Bakery (626 Queen Street West) by 10 am. Beryl Tsang is your Knit-A-Long marshall.

If you are registered on the NORTH team: Meet at the Marche cafe at the Forest Hill Loblaws by 10 am. The Loblaws is on St. Clair Avenue West, just east of Bathurst, near the St. Clair subway station. The Marche is on the top floor (look for the elevator!). Vivienne Suen is your Knit-A-Long marshall.
  1. Suitable streetcar knitting.
  2. Cash – unfortunately we can only accept cash for the Knit-A-Long Rabble Cards ($7.50), and you will have to pay for lunch in addition to whatever shopping we do during the day.
  3. Metropass, or TTC Day Pass — Day Passes are available at all subway stations and some TTC ticket agents, and cost $8. Or, if you’re REALLY organized, 2 adults can share a Family Pass, which costs the same as the Single Day Pass. So if you have a friend coming on the SAME TEAM as you, the two of you can split it as long as you stick together and don’t get separated.
  4. Bottled water, snacks, etc. that you think you might need.
  5. Camera or digital camera, to document all the fun!
  6. iPod or other source of music. We are looking into bringing along a portable boombox, so if you have an iPod or favorite CDs to knit to, bring them along! One of our event organizers is bringing her iTrip radio transmitter, so iPod owners can “plug in” and be broadcast on the streetcar as we knit our way to The Naked Sheep.
Your TTC Day Pass will be good to get you home (it is valid until 5:30 am on Sunday morning). Some people are arranging for their DH’s and the like to come fetch them at the end of the day — if you are making arrangements to be picked up at the end of the Knit-A-Long and would be willing to drop someone else off somewhere along your way home, please let us know ASAP so we can try to ride-match people.
As always, send questions to, or leave a comment at
If you have a knitting blog (or any kind of blog), consider posting photos and stories from Knit-A-Long Day. We can start a mini-web ring and continue to stay in touch!
Happy Knitting!
The TTC Knit-A-Long Crew

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