No Sheep for You

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no sheep for you, originally uploaded by knitomatic.

No Sheep for You ~ $28.95

Another quality product from Interweave press at an affordable price! It’s a great book for people who can’t wear woollies and the rest of us too. There’s lost of useful info about the idiosyncracies of non-woolly textiles, general tips embroidered throughout the book and of course a bunch of very friendly patterns for men and women. My faves are the jackets & coats, a lace shawl by Amy Singer, a classic little cabled cardi by Brooke Snow (i know whay ou are thinking, it’s a little staid, but it NEVER goes out of style, I wear them forever and never regret putting all that work into it!), a fair isle cardi by Zoe Valette and a hemp purse. One caveat … there is one “what were you thinking?!” pattern, so when you get to it either visualize your happy place or if you’re creative pretend it’s in a nice, soft solid colour … sometimes good ideas go bad 😉

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