Favourite Patterns for Humid Weather – Freebies

Little girl holding a knitted rag doll

I love warm weather, but living in a temperate climate poses a few challenges in warm weather. Who wants to make clothing when you aren’t wearing anything, much less knitwear? Fair enough, we get a few months a year to enjoy patio weather, lets enjoy it! You may have started knitting to make sweaters, but they’re only a jumping off point.

Summer Knitting Diversion: Toys
Toys can be a very satisfying project. They’re fast, simple, you can use any kind of yarn as long as it is the correct gauge for your pattern, you can use up stash or scraps or if you are buying yarn they don’t use up large quantities. Toys are always well received as gifts, look great around the house or you can give them to children’s charities like the Mother Bear Project or Teddies for Tragedies. If you want to up-size a toy pattern just change to thicker yarn and needles to match.


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