NEW – Dream in Color Baby!

Dream in Color Baby – $28.50
All of the yarns from Dream in Color have been so yummy that I thought, despite the early onset of Summer in our nook of the world, I really must forge forward and order their skinniest yarn, 
Baby. As always, the colours are stunning in their depth and subtlety, and the way the yarn is dyed gives you a rare opportunity to use a variegated yarn that won’t fight with or upstage detailed lace work (or cables, etc).
  • Between Laceweight and Light Fingering (like a really thin sock yarn)
  • 2ply, 100% Machine Washable Merino Wool
  • 4 oz (approx 125g)
  • 700 yards/638m
  • 9 to 10 sts/inch
  • 2.25mm to 2.75mm needles (US 1 to 2) or larger 
  • See Baby on Ravelry
Now, if you are already a lace knitter, you know what to do with it, or at least what you can do with it, and what you’d like to do with it (and if you are of a certain mind about your yarns you know what you’d like to do to it.)  But a lot of people find skinny yarns daunting, so here is a list of things you may not have known about skinny yarns:
  1. Skinny yarns can not make you skinnier (unless you find a way to knit while on a recumbent bike) but they are extremely flattering. The thinner a textile is, the less bulk it will put on you. People who are all angles may prefer something thicker to fill them out, but for those with curves or all types skinny yarn can be beneficial.
  2. Thin yarns are great for crochet, which can work up much faster that knitting!
  3. Hold a stand of thin yarn along with another yarn to bulk it up just a bit and add more dimension to the colour (choose a colour that is close or complementary with your main yarn). Mohairs and fuzzy yarns work especially well with a carrier yarn. 
  4. Thin yarns go a looooong way!  The skinnier a yarn, the more distance  you’ll get out of it, which means that a project will cost you less than if you used a thicker yarn.
Our Favourite Project Ideas for Baby

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