NEW – Alice Starmore’s Aran Knitting

Aran Knitting: New and Expanded Edition
Aran Knitting by Alice Starmore (new, expanded edition) ~ $39.95

FINALLY! Alice Starmore’s classic tome, Aran Knitting, is back in print!  This book was going for hundreds of dollars on Ebay, and now you can have it in softcover for a very reasonable price (hey, 40 bucks is always better than 400). The samples have been updated and re-photographed, but it’s still all in there: sweater patterns (generally using Starmore’s own brand of yarn which is easy to substitute), extensive history of cable knitting, cable patterns (instructions are both written and charted), and sage Starmore advice. The patterns are all classics, include men’s sweaters, children’s sweaters, some hats, a couple of wraps, and several women’s sweaters. The illustrated instructions are clear and easy to follow – as they should be. There’s nothing not to like here! 

Oh, and as an interesting added bonus, the book is a “Green Edition, Planet Friendly Publishing” – made in the USA, printed on recycled paper. By using just 10% post-consumer waste (it’s recycled paper, not what it sounds like) in the publication of this book (I assume the whole imprint and not just this one book in front of me) the following was saved: 52 trees, 4,938 pounds of air emissions, 23,784 gallons water, 1,444 pounds solid waste (again, not what it sounds like). 

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