New Book! More Last Minute Knitted Gifts!

More Last Minute Knitted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson ~ $35.95

Another  “FINALLY!” this week, More last Minute Knitted Gifts has finally materialized! It’s predecessor, Last Minute Knitted Gifts, is one of my favorite knitting pattern books or all time. Actually, it was a lot of people’s favorites, when it was first published in the fall of 2004 it went through 3 or 4 subsequent printings to meet consumer demand.  You’ll have to decide how it rates compared to it’s big sister (big shoes to fill), but regardless, it again serves up a big, varied pile of beautiful and satisfying small projects. The patterns include a beret, hand-warmers, hats, baby bonnet, scarves,baby socks, baskets, holiday ornaments, mitts, baby cardies, a child’s pullover, a man’s vest, a ladies cardie, 3 baby blankets, socks, a kids’s vest, and sundry itsy-bitsy projects like sachets, book marks and wrist-bands. And of course the pointy hat on the cover. Overall, a wonderful showing, and just in time for holiday knitting!

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