Stitch ‘N Bitch: Superstar Knitting

Go Beyond the Basics $21.95

Finally, the next installment in the Stitch ‘N Bitch series is here! This time Debbie Stoller holds your hand as she takes you through a fun lesson on  the more technical and daunting techniques in knitting.  Part 1starts with colour knitting, moves into cables (which I personally think is easier than colour), then lace, embellishments,  and closes with miscellaneous useful technical stuff. Part 2 is all about designing your own pattern, starting with the basics, them moving into DIY drop shoulder sweater design, then raglan and yoke, set in sleeves, and finally teaches you about finished and estimating the amount of yarn required.

The technical illustrations, as always, are easy to understand and follow, and the little pictures illustrating the techniques as a metaphor are super cute.  I worship Debbie Stoller for her ability to write a technical book that reads like a long letter from your best friend.  Seriously, people who learn with her books have a very fast learning curve, we recommend her first book, Stitch ‘N Bitch, to all or our beginners. 

The patterns are in section 3, conveniently located at the back so it’s easy to find them.  There are some truly fun patterns, my favorites include:
  • Steeks and Stones, a fair isle skully cardigan
  • The Aquatic Life, a cute fair isle pullover with fishies (gotta love fishies!)
  • Skull Isle Socks, fair isle socks with skullies
  • Gretel Tam by Ysolda Teague, a gorgeous cabled beret (I made it a few years ago)
  • Saxon the City, thigh-high stockings with a full celtic motif up the sides
  • Beatrice Gloves, I don’t normally go in for beading, but these are like vintage, blingy Isotoners
  • Dress to Impress, an adorable baby tunic/dress using the very easy slip stitch colour technique
Even if you don’t like the projects, the books is wonderful for the instruction alone (it would make a great gift for someone who wants to move up the skills ladder). 

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