Projects to Keep Little Hands Busy: Part 2, Felting Beads

Here’s a great tutorial on how to make felted beads! It’s easy for kids of any age, and a perfect activity for the cottage, birthday parties, and lazy summer days. 

All you’ll need is:
  • Wool Roving ($2.50 per packet)
  • a cup of hot water
  • dish soap
  • an old towel

If you want to keep the muchkins busy for a bit longer, you can get into dyeing roving yourself with Kool Aid. Just remember to buy the DIET Kool Aid!  You can also dye using Food Colouring (Wiltons makes great colours, $4 each in store), you’ll just need to add some white vinegar to the dye bath. 

You’ll need:
  • undyed wool roving ($9/100g)
  • Kool Aid (the kind WITH OUT sugar), OR food colouring (Wiltons $4) & white vinegar
  • rubber gloves
  • pot & stove, OR pyrex bowl & microwave, OR crockpot
  • paper towels 
As an aside, I keep a spray bottle of bleach heavily diluted with water on hand for the final clean-up, and be sure to cover your workspace with newspaper or paper towels. If you have a camping stove this is the perfect activity for the back yard!

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