Really Big Cowls

A knitterly friend was recently in Paris and said that while waiting in line at an art show she noticed that all the women were swaddled in huge, double wrapped cowls. 

Fluted Cowl

I love the texture on this cowl, it’s so simple yet so effective. I just made it for the store, check out oout front window! I used 15mm-32″ circular needles (but it’s big, you can go longer) and 2 skeins of Cascade Magnum (I used every inch, see my notes on Ravelry). 

I love this pattern, it is simple enough for beginners, and stylish enough for Martha Stewart. You only need to knit with 1 strand using this yarn, so ignore the pattern’s directions to triple it. 

This pattern calls for a 9mm needles, but I think it would be nice knit a bit looser on a 10mm needle, with a natural fibre that creates a bit of a halo. 

This pattern is not a true mobius, but it’s easy and a good pattern for beginners. 

It’s hard to see in the picture, but this cowl is knit on the diagonal. I think it would look super cool using a self striping yarn, like a Noro.