Gifts for Knitters: The Bibles

This is a very handy and reliable little reference book for any knitter. It doesn’t have an answer for everything, but it’s the perfect bed-side reference for any knitter. The illustrations are excellent and the instructions are clear and succinct. It also comes with an instructional 2-disc DVD set. 

The Ultimate Knitting Book is an invaluable reference at any stage of a knitter’s career.  The instructions are clear, as are the photographs and illustrations. The subject matter is broad and covers just about everything you need to know. Before re-issue of The Principle of Knitting, this was the ‘bible’ and it’s still a wonderful, reliable reference all knitters will use in perpetuity. New knitters as well as people with more experience will appreiciate this book.

This book is THE definitive book of knitting techniques, now completely revised and updated. It is written in clear, direct language, and can answer any question in a comprehensive, reasoned, and informed manner. June Hemmons Hiatt includes instructions for all facets of knitting, from the most basic skills to the most advanced techniques, and offers suggestions for best practices as well as alternatives and innovations.  This book is not only the “bible”, it’s the text book. More experienced knitter will especially appreciate this tome.

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