New Store Project: Bulky Chevron Baby Blanket

We finished this great chevron baby blanket a couple of weeks ago with Juniper Moon Yearling and I love it more every day! 

The Yarn
I really loved working with  Juniper Moon Yearling, after the project I was done I was still itching to work with it. It’s a blend of cotton & wool that feels like a cotton with squish (ie. the cotton of my fantasies). It’s also slightly textured which gave it a smidge of rustic interest (cottons are so often smooth and a little on the boring side).

The Pattern
The pattern was free and pretty straightforward, just two rows. It was not hard, but I had to pay attention because both of the rows were action rows, neither were holiday rows (straight knitting). Basically, Row 1 makes decreases, and Row 2 makes increases (in contrast to a feather & fan pattern that creates both increases and decreases in the same row). Another hitch was that stitch markers weren’t as easy to use as in a regular feather and fan pattern. My solution: A. I used two colours of locking stitch markers, one for Row 1 and one for Row 2, and B. the markers will be one stitch short of the correct count, so when I reached the correct colour marker for my row I moved it one stitch to the left. 

Yarn: Juniper Moon Yearling, 1 skein in each of 7 colours
Needles: 7mm-29″ circular needles
Notions: Clover locking stitch markers
Ravelry Project: Here

The yarn has unfortunately been discontinued (I don’t know why, it’s lovely), but we’ve made up kits with what we have left. We sold two kits as soon as they hit the shelf, and as of this blog post we have four left: 3 rainbow combos (the sample above) and 1 boy colour combo (greens, blues & grey). Each kit comes in a zipper project bag and they are on SALE!

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